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A nice response regarding an AYA shotgun repair & refinish: Thanks Al,& you are most welcome .

Dear Sir,Today i received my gun stock and am stunned. It looks better than i could of hoped.To say you are a Craftsman is and understatement. You my friend are an Artist. I am going to post my own before and after picks with your website in my local gun club were i shoot trap and skeet. People are going to be amazed at what Im going to show them. Thank you soo much. and God Bless.   Al.

Remington 3200 repair.
I received my Remington 3200 back today.
I cannot truly express how impressed I am with the way my stock turned out under your impressive repair skills . Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the great job you did, which I now know only you could repair and restore to such a fine condition. Supurb job. Still can't believe you can fix stocks that well. But hey, if I look at my stock long enough, I'll have to start to believe. Just super.

Tom Roster
Remington Field Coordinator
Ballistics Editor, Sporting Clays magazine
Shot Talk Editor, Shooting Sportsman magazine
Shooting Editor, Waterfowl Hunter magazine
.......................... ...................................................Thanks , Tom, The shotgun seminar & clinic were very informative & a whole lotta fun! I'd like to send also a big round of applause to Jake Hohl, of WY. Game & Fish as well as all others involved in putting together these seminars & clinics. I'd encourage any & all shotgunners who get a chance to participate in one of these Shotgun seminar & clinics, Hosted by Tom Roster & sponsered by Game & Fish. You'll leave knowing more about your equipment , the loads you shoot & what your personal limitations may be. which empowers us to become more responsible & more effective hunters.


Repair on 2 remington Rifles

Bob...the remington stocks arrived on today's UPS truck.  My goodness, what nice work.  On the small one you really have to look close to know there was ever a crack.  And your blending of the repair to match the original finish is amazing.  I am very pleased with your work.  What an artisan.

Also, if you ever need a reference for your work I would be happy to give you my highest recommendation.

Thanks again for the great workmanship on these two remingtons.

Tom Warren twarren@rapidnet.com

Heim single bbl shotgun repair


Picked up the stock and forearm last night. Beautiful Job!!! I am very pleased with the great work you did. If any more of my stocks break I will certainly send them to you for repair. If you want to use me for any references in the future, go ahead. Again thanks for the quality work.

Frank Chesnek Fpch45@aol.com

Mark Benenson; Previous customer, and well known author/writer for the NRA, collector, and historian on Col. Townsend Welen........writes

I will be glad to talk to anybody as a reference on the fine quality of your work.

email MKBenenson@aol.com


From: Ron Williams

I was very pleased with the work you did on my Rigby double rifle. I have shown it to many people and they were duly impressed. Thanks for the fine work. I do not mind if potential customers want to contact me as a reference.

Ron Williams, Palmer Alaska, email horsedoc@mtaonline.net

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