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Scott Sharps Long Range Pistol Grip Rifle

Photo 1

Sharps Long Range pistol grip rifle. This stock is shattered at the wrist, with several pieces missing. This photo was taken after it was soaked to remove all the old oil and dirt, and all of the surfaces to be joined were ground down or sanded to provide fresh surfaces for the epoxy to have maximum adhesion. The inside cracks must be repaired one at a time before the larger outside breaks can be repaired. All cracks must be repaired before any steel or wood inserts are installed. Then the surface of the repairs must be repaired to make the stock as close to the original condition and contour as possible.

Photo 2

This is the same stock totally repaired. most of the top on both sides is new wood. There is no finish on this stock yet, as the customer wanted to do that himself. There are several threaded steel pins in this stock, all installed in a totally hidden manner, making it much stronger than when new. This repair plus the owners finishing, increased the value of this rifle about $8000 according to an expert appraiser.

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