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Remington Hepburn

Photo #1

Remington Hepburn stock as received from customer. It has been unsuccessfully repaired about 5 times. It had steel straps on both sides and the bottom, inletted into the wood and held with wood screws. It also had a 1/2" wood dowel installed up thru the pistol grip, which did not hold much either. Unseen here, was a 1/4" stove bolt from behind the upper tang to the bottom. Also evident was at least three differnt kinds of glue. This is a very good example of amature repairs that did not work.

Photo #2

Same stock, but after a solvent soak to remove all of the old glue, stains, and finish. The grey apearance is caused by the dirt remaining on the surface, which will be scrubbed off with an industrial soap and brush. This will reveal the original color of this beautiful piece of wood.

photo 3 & 4

Stock in process. All 5 steel inserts have been installed and 7 wood inserts are shown installed. The stock is now back together and stronger than when new.

Photo 5 & 6

Stock in process, complete with a beginning of finish and completed checkering. Shows additional wood inserts.

Photos 7 & 8

These photos show both sides of the same stock after completion of checkering and finishing. A beautiful stock, and very valuable, as it is an original factory custom order fancy stock, and it still retains the factory matching serial number stamped in it. This increased the value of the rifle approximately 8 times the cost of the repairs.

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