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Marlin 95

Photo 1

This stock had been previously repaired twice. There were 5 wood screws in it which had to be removed. the wrist area was in 4 pieces. IT was barel;y holding together and was sold as being in good condition. But with a little handling it began to come apart.

This photo shows a couple of the first repair holes with screws removed, and the surface cleaned.

Photo 2

Shows the fine engraving on this beautiful take down rifle.

Photo 3

Shows the stock with all repairs finished. We did not refinish this stock. This still has the original finish. A very valuable collectors item.

Photo 4

Shows the repaired area after finishing. Note, the repairs are not detectable anywhere on this rifle, but it is much stronger than when new, and has regained it's full value.

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1Marlin 95 Broken Stock2Marlin 95 detail
3Marlin 95 after repairs4Marlin 95 after repairs

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