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LC Smith

Photo 1

Stock as received, almost black, in about 6 pieces, showing two adhesive from two earlier repair attempts that did not work.  Probably because of the use of a poor glue, and because the surfaces were not cleaned up or the soaked in oil was not removed. 

Photo 2

Stock in process , has been chemically soaked and cleaned , with several new wood inserts installed .  5 steel inserts were installed, all hidden inside.  Note, the wood is showing it's original color. 

Photos 3 & 4

shows the finished stock and the ourtstanding natural wood grain.


All L.C. Smith stocks will crack the stock if used with very many heavy loads. There is not enough wood to support the recoil and the recoil will finally drive the locks back into the stock and cause serious cracks.

We have seen many of these and can repair them to stand quite a bit more use, by installing curves threaded steel rods around the rear of the lock plates just under the surface on both sides, both as a preventative and as a repair if already cracked.


Do not remove the trigger plate from any L.C. Smith unless you have the know how and special tools to reinstall it, otherwise  it can not be reassembled.

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