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Belgian Double Shotgun

Photo 1

Look closely and you can see that this one has a steel rod thru the center. When received, it was obviously cracked thru. There was a 3/8" dia. steel rod thru the center from a previous attempt to repair it, which obviously did not work. A rod in the center does not do the job very well, even if it is larger. The steel rods must be around the outside of the stock, just under the surface to give the most strength. This image is a perfect example. You can see the 4 rods that we installed near the surface. We dropped another in the center, as the hole was already there. Placement of the steel rods is very critical for maximum strength. This stock now is much stronger than when new.

This is a very fine quality shotgun, which now back in use, and the repairs cannot be detected. This stock was not refinished.

Photo 2

The finished shotgun. A beautiful piece and fully usable.

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1Belgian Double Shotgun with metal rods inserted2Belgian Double shotgun after repairs

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