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The next 2 photos show the stock after stripping the finish,soaking the remaining dirt &oil from the wood, & having pulled all the nails out and finally seperating the broken pieces.Then the old glue was carefully scraped off all the wood so that it could be properly pieced back together.I'll tell ya it was like trying to pick off something like bubble gum made of kevlar.The#2 photo on the right really shows the potential of wood becoming once again a beautiful stock.If you look closely at photo 1 you'll see the inside of the righthand side including the lug which fits into the action is missing.Requiring an insert to be carved & fitted with epoxy,then inletted to the actionPHOTO4 .Holding all this securely together would require 6 steel pins,inbedded inside.A whole lot of epoxy,along with a wood insert along the whole left side of the top tang and a smaller insert at the front top right side.
Photo 3 shows the left side repaired & refinished as the project was then sent toCGM-Gunstock Checkering for recheckering
Photos 5 & 6 ; Clint Meier of CGM Gunstock Checkering was kind enough to supply me with these truly excellent photos of the finished piece.Clint always does a fantastic job and is very thorough.As you can see, the checkering hides
the repair work very well. And while some of the repair work will undoubtedly be detectable, the beauty of the stock as a whole is more overwhelming.Not only does it look nice, it's well fitted & structurely sound and useful once again.

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3leftside-assembled 4showing-lugs
5 leftside-chkrd6rightside-chkrd

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