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Robert Fulton

Long time hunter and shooting interest of all kinds of firearms. Shotguns, Muzzle loaders, high velocity rifles, fine double guns, pistol shooting, and lately fine single shot rifles.

Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard Air/Sea rescue. Medal winner at the National Pistol and Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio as a member of the Coast Guard Pistol and Rifle team.

Doug and Bob Fulton. The Stockfixrs.Degrees from Colorado University, MS in Mechanical Engineering, minor in Engineering Physics, BS in Industrial Management.

Experienced machinist, development engineer, purchasing manager.

Over 40 years experience in various Shooting Sports businesses. Mostly development and production of leading edge jacketed rifle bullets, two of which are in successful production today.

Initially designed the popular .375 Hawk and the .411 Hawk wildcat ctgs., which later turned into a complete line of Hawk wildcat ctgs.

Vintage auto racer.

About 10 years experience with repair of broken rifle and shotgun stocks.

Douglas Fulton

Long time Master Printer. Excellent mechanic. Particularly good at high quality rifle and shotgun stock refinishing and broken stock repairs.

Better than average hobby shooter.

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Doug or Pat Fulton at 307-462-4593, 10am-7pm MST



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Doug Fulton
215 South 1st Street
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