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Doug Fulton – sole proprietor

A Message from Doug to our Highly Valued Clientele

Due to word of mouth from our Beloved customers, of our reputation for excellence. We are working on a Backlog of 24 months at the moment. This can decrease or increase almost overnight, as each Project we take on is different from the next.

If for instance, there are 6-7 projects which are fairly quick like 1 or 2 small cracks on a stock, and a chipped toe on another. I can catch up by doing work on several at a time. However if we receive 6-7 or more highly intensive projects in a row, which consume a lot of time all on their own . Then what was a 6 month backlog over the course of several months becomes a year.

Each project is treated as a personal endeavor, as we understand how personal it is for you.

I'd like to Thank you all for your enduring patience, and I promise we'll do what it takes to make sure it was worth the wait .

Also: If you've had a hard time getting thru or heard back from stocks@ruralfree.net
I've opened a NEW EMAIL thestockfixrs@hotmail.com as I've had increasing difficulty viewing &sending messages from ruralfree. I promise you'll be replied to promptly by either my wife Pat or myself. She's graciously offered to help with correspondences so I can spend more time working on your stocks. She has been diligently working under my wing for the last 2 years learning to refinish stocks. Awesome.

And I'm proud to announce Pat is the newest member of The Stockfixrs.

Take Care, God Bless & HAPPY SHOOTING!!!

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We are a family shop, specializing in repairing and refinishing broken or damaged rifle and shotgun stocks. We work only with wooden stocks. We do not make new stocks, or do new checkering. We leave that to the many better qualified artisans, and stick to what we know best. We can arrange to have general gunsmithing, and metal work done here in our town by some of the very best in their respective fields, if the need presents itself.

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We work on all kinds of firearms

Contact us if you have a broken stock. 150 years old, flintlocks to modern, fine and rare collectors items, beautiful European doubles, or great grandfather's rusty old beat-up wall hanger, we work on them all.

Cost of Repairs

Fine Belgian Double Shotgun, in the repair process and finished.We can not give you a firm cost of any repairs until we have a chance to examine the project, as every one is different. However if you send us your stock, we will get back to you with a proposal covering the details of what we recommend, and a cost estimate, for your approval. You may also make changes to our proposal. If you do not wish to have the work done, we will gladly return your stock to you on receipt of the shipping charge. We have a Federal Firearms License, so you do not have to ship it through a local dealer. You can ship direct to us and we can return it directly to you.

Guaranteed Quality Craftsmanship

Finished Marlin 95 StockYou will find our work different than the common stock repair job. We guarantee our work to be as strong as new, with a few exceptions. We use a lot of threaded steel pins and flat steel inserts in the proper places for added strength, and we use only epoxy adhesives. We have never found glue that is appropriate for this application. All repairs are done on the inside of the stock or on hidden areas whenever possible. Surface repairs can often be minimized to be unnoticeable. However this does depend a lot on what you send us. About 60% of our repairs are not detectable,

We know Rifle Stocks

We own and use many fine old American and European rifles and shotguns, and understand them well, particularly single shot rifles and double barrels. We can also supply many recommendations from well known people in our industry, including writers, collectors, publishers, hunters etc. The photos on the “Gallery” page will give you a good idea of the type of work we do.

Check out our Repair Methods Page for more information on our methods!

Shipping Information

Since we have a Federal firearms license, you may send any gun directly to us without going thru your local dealer, and we can return it directly to you. This will save you a fair amount of cost.

We use and recommend you ship guns and stocks by US Post Office, REGISTERED WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. with full insurance. The insurance is much less for registered on high value items. They lose less of them. This is the safest and fastest way to ship. Better than 2nd day or any other service. We get a lot of business from UPS and Fed Ex customers, who's stocks were damaged or broken during shipment. Never had a repair job due mishandling of a Post Office registered package.

However we can receive shipments from any carrier. The Post office will require a cardboard box with all seams sealed with PAPER TAPE.

A hard gun case is good if you are shipping a full length gun. However you will need to cover it with a cardboard box to avoid extra costs. We suggest you remove the bbl and action if not needed. Remove the stock and pack beside the barrel if necessary. This requires a shorter box and prevents a lot of damage. Do not include barrels on double guns, unless we ask for them. Do include the forearms for refinishing or if it needs repairs . Remove any unneeded parts such as bolts, hammers, sling screws, magazines etc.Do include butt plates and grip caps. If you remove something, it is not a gun, but just parts. If you disassemble it, again it is just parts. Legally you are required to cover up any marking on the outside of the box that indicates a gun is inside.

Make Sure to verify that the shipper you choose will Honor any Claim on an "Antique","Rare", or" Collectable" item.

Always insure for the full amount of what you would sell your item for.

Filing a Claim

If you have a claim with any of them, the first thing that they will do will be to deny your claim on the basis of poor packaging, so keep all packaging. We always wrap any gun parts in plastic foam or bubble wrap. Double boxing and foam or other cushioning is a must. Any claim with any shipper will be a long and frustrating argument, but just be determined and aggressive about it and they will usually pay up. File any claim for the cost of replacement of the damaged parts or loss, and the reduction in value if it is a collector’s item. Don't accept any less. Keep a record of every person and phone

Shipping in a hard gun case is a good idea, but it must be covered with a cardboard box or they will charge you a bunch extra. No marking on the outside box may indicate a gun is inside. It is illegal. Cover any address labels with clear shipping tape to prevent loss.

And Probably The Most Important Part

Put a letter inside with your name and address, phone number, e-mail address, and a detailed description of what you want done. You would be surprised how many shipments we receive with no return info and we have no idea who sent them. They will just sit until you contact us.

Shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii is best thru the USPS, which is much cheaper.

Contact Us


Doug or Pat Fulton at 307-462-4593, 10am-7pm MST



Shipping address

Doug Fulton
215 South 1st Street
PO Box 1105
Glenrock, WY 82637-1105